Journal of Moravian History, vol.21, no. 1 (2021)


Journal of Moravian History, vol.21, no. 1 (2021)

Table of Contents:


Allyson Atwood Wooten, “Hauben, Waistcoats, and Gowns: The Invention of Moravian Identity through Dress in Salem, NC, 1780-1830”


Christina Petterson, “Spangenberg and Zinzendorf on Slavery in the Danish West Indies”

Robert Cotter, “John Cennick in Germany: his Marienborn diary 1745-46”


Howard Louthan, Book review of Joachim Bahlcke, Jindřich Halama, Martin Holý, Jiří Just, Martin Rothkegel, and Ludger Udolph, eds., Regesten der in den Handschriftenbänden Acta Unitas Fratrum I-IV überlieferten Texte Acta Unitatis Fratrum

Heikki Lempa, Book review of Jenna M. Gibbs, ed., Global Protestant Missions: Politics, Reform, and Communication, 1730s-1930s

Scott Paul Gordon, Book review of Richard W. Pointer, Pacifist Prophet: Papunhank and the Quest for Peace in Early America

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